Sunday, June 27, 2010

TATTOO JAM 2010!!!!

UK, Here i come!!! Me and my good friend Timmy B. will be headed to the UK on the 5th of August to attend this very exciting event and we're not leaving til the 11th!!! Gonna be a blast!!!! Check out the websit!


Apparently this client tracked me down for 2 years to get this piece. We decided to name em BOB..... for no reason at all. Didn't wanna leave the nipple to take away from the piece so we used it as part of the piece. (totally not his choice.)
This was a fun piece. My client sits like a beast and is never late.... even though i usually am.


I'm doing my best to help this young lady's foot. She found out that i like to do color tattoos and asked me to fix the existing water she had and add a mermaid and later a sea horse. As for the flower....I'm either gonna try and make it look like a flower or see if she would consider hitting it with a laser. Wish me luck.

"Complete Randomness"

Did this at this past Richmond Tattoo Festival. Was a lotta fun.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Sneak Peak

"St. Bill the Crayo-Buffalo" W.I.P.

Hi everyone. My name is Bill. I'm rich and ballin outta control because i saved mad loot on gas by finding' means of transportation.

"Salty Love"

Spooky Cool Kid.

OK.... I suck at remembering to take photos when ever i do something freehand. This is one of those cases. took me about an hour to draw on and here's the outcome. Let me know what you think. I'm asking for critiques.

Ele Vs. Squidee

Aparently these two beast aren't very fond of one another.

Cardinal for Vunk.

Did this lil guy on good friend Melissa Vunk. She's a Va native and wanted to shopw the power of that. Hope you enjoy.