Saturday, January 15, 2011

"Skull & Roses"

I love that this is a classic tattoo subject matter that will never die off. There are so many variations of what can be done with it and people always find cool ways to keep it alive.

My goal with this particular peice was to go a bit darker than normal but make it colorful yet still creepy. The tenticals are influences and homage to Tim Burton and Craola. One puts em in movies, one put's them in paintings so i guess i wouldn't mind being the one to put them in tattoos.

"The Green Eyed Bomber"

Bout a good 14 hrs and Keith is now happy to have his leg back! (that's right people, I remove limbs to do my work.)

Don't really have a long rambling for this one. I wanted to try something a lil different withe the back ground (Which was inspired by a Mickey Mouse game currently out.) and i think it turned out pretty well.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

"Wood Grain Time Piece of Love"

Did this the other day on an awesome client of mine. took for god damn ever but we got it finished in one shot. I hate tattooing the insides of arms but she wanted a completed sleeve so we couldn't leave the area empty.

Von Moose VooDoo Doll

This is the first of set of 17 VooDoo Dolls. I will be making Voodoo Dolls of all my creatures, Crayon Creatures, Ballerific Animals and Power Monsters. They will be chosen by whomever get's the one before. ex. The wearer of Von Moose get's to choose the next creature to make a doll out of.

Drawing with Bella Cece.

Drawing with one of my favorite little people.