Friday, December 31, 2010

Dispicable Us.....

Ya know, it's always a good feeling when someone travels to you to get tattooed. It's even better when that person is a fellow tattooer. It's super awesome when that tattooer is Cecil Porter!

We had an awesome time chatting about the name of his tattoo.

He calls it "FrankenTwinkie."

I call it "Twinkenstien."

Cecil Porter has freakishly large hands......

See what i meant?

I tried to teach him how to use them for flight but i don't think you'll have to look in the sky to find Cecil anytime soon.

So..... With all that gibberish said, I present to you..... "Twinkenstien!"

Monday, December 13, 2010

Sunday, December 5, 2010

"the Black Pearl Rose"

ok....... Me and my wife never really argue unless it's about tattoos. She bugged and bugged me about drawing up and starting an "Amy Winehouse Robot" for her back piece til one day i broke down and actually drew it to her surprise. We got started on it and so far, we only have the line work done and i told her she can't get anything else until her back is finished! (put's foot down)

She managed to talk me into doing a black rose on her right shoulder........(lifts foot up)

"Red Tail Hawk Canon"

I swear..............I have some of the most awesomest clients on the planet!!! They give me ideas to run with and just let me take the wheel!!!

This piece in question was done on a local photographer in Virginia. Boy....doe he love his Canon! they should send him (and myself) a free wide angle lens!!!

"Barnabee J'onns" the Beatles biggest fan!

A regular of mine asked me awhile back about doing a Beatles sleeve for him and at the time, honestly, i wasn't too interested. Then he started talking all this crazy talk about a Walrus wearing a green bow tie, egg shell on his hat and holding a ticket to ride and i finally started to pay attention.

Me being the slacker i am, i didn't draw it the night before and instead, decided to rely solely on artistic ability (which i'm very limited on) to just draw directly on his arm.

After doodling on his right arm for about 30-45mins, Barnabee J'onns was born! Hope you enjoy this Work In Progress as much as i did working on it. can't wait for our next two sessions. When he's out of the military, we'll take over the rest of his arm.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

"Skat" The Booty Tenant!

Skat got fired from working in the local Corn Mill down the hill from his under ground home recently for stealing corn. Being the lil go getter that he is, he found a new gig as a corn hole miner.