Sunday, December 5, 2010

"Barnabee J'onns" the Beatles biggest fan!

A regular of mine asked me awhile back about doing a Beatles sleeve for him and at the time, honestly, i wasn't too interested. Then he started talking all this crazy talk about a Walrus wearing a green bow tie, egg shell on his hat and holding a ticket to ride and i finally started to pay attention.

Me being the slacker i am, i didn't draw it the night before and instead, decided to rely solely on artistic ability (which i'm very limited on) to just draw directly on his arm.

After doodling on his right arm for about 30-45mins, Barnabee J'onns was born! Hope you enjoy this Work In Progress as much as i did working on it. can't wait for our next two sessions. When he's out of the military, we'll take over the rest of his arm.

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