Friday, December 31, 2010

Dispicable Us.....

Ya know, it's always a good feeling when someone travels to you to get tattooed. It's even better when that person is a fellow tattooer. It's super awesome when that tattooer is Cecil Porter!

We had an awesome time chatting about the name of his tattoo.

He calls it "FrankenTwinkie."

I call it "Twinkenstien."

Cecil Porter has freakishly large hands......

See what i meant?

I tried to teach him how to use them for flight but i don't think you'll have to look in the sky to find Cecil anytime soon.

So..... With all that gibberish said, I present to you..... "Twinkenstien!"

Monday, December 13, 2010

Sunday, December 5, 2010

"the Black Pearl Rose"

ok....... Me and my wife never really argue unless it's about tattoos. She bugged and bugged me about drawing up and starting an "Amy Winehouse Robot" for her back piece til one day i broke down and actually drew it to her surprise. We got started on it and so far, we only have the line work done and i told her she can't get anything else until her back is finished! (put's foot down)

She managed to talk me into doing a black rose on her right shoulder........(lifts foot up)

"Red Tail Hawk Canon"

I swear..............I have some of the most awesomest clients on the planet!!! They give me ideas to run with and just let me take the wheel!!!

This piece in question was done on a local photographer in Virginia. Boy....doe he love his Canon! they should send him (and myself) a free wide angle lens!!!

"Barnabee J'onns" the Beatles biggest fan!

A regular of mine asked me awhile back about doing a Beatles sleeve for him and at the time, honestly, i wasn't too interested. Then he started talking all this crazy talk about a Walrus wearing a green bow tie, egg shell on his hat and holding a ticket to ride and i finally started to pay attention.

Me being the slacker i am, i didn't draw it the night before and instead, decided to rely solely on artistic ability (which i'm very limited on) to just draw directly on his arm.

After doodling on his right arm for about 30-45mins, Barnabee J'onns was born! Hope you enjoy this Work In Progress as much as i did working on it. can't wait for our next two sessions. When he's out of the military, we'll take over the rest of his arm.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

"Skat" The Booty Tenant!

Skat got fired from working in the local Corn Mill down the hill from his under ground home recently for stealing corn. Being the lil go getter that he is, he found a new gig as a corn hole miner.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

"Pedro, the Groom"

This is my first hand tattoo!!!! thank you Kara, for lettin me stay in my comfort zone on this one!

Drugs are bad......mmmmkay?

If you do drugs.....youre bad, mmmkay? Thank you Zack H. for supplying me with a freakishly large chest to decorate and i'm sorry about your leaf covered nipple. :(

Bird Brained>>>>>>>>>>

Been doing alotta birdies lately. not exactly sure why but fuck it, i'll take em and run...... er.... fly wit em! The one above was an old design revamped with a new background from my sketchbook. Thanks Stef. And ..... the one below was a 6month long event brought to live by brain storming with my awesome client Sasha. She's moved around quite a bit and wanted a flower from every state she's lived in and also represent what her husband does for the military. Blow shit up! POW!

18th Annual Richmond Tattoo Arts Festival.

"O.G. the Ant"

This was an interesting tattoo on an interesting fellow...tattooer from NY. My friday morning at the show consisted of me waking up @ 6am to pick Alex Metro up from the train station and get em back to the Koger Center where the convention is held. After a few smokes and tattoo talk, we parted ways to get rest and meet back up to start his calf tattoo in a few hours. End result,......took way longer than i originally thought and we missed the Tattoo of the Day contest, like i always do. Maybe i shoulda started at 6am, eh?


Frankenstien never knew what a good thing he had til it was gone. She's managed to hurt his stitched up wallet in court and he never get's to see his kids. tough break, homie. Thank you, Melissa Vunk for providing me with your calf to express myself and enduring the long torturous hours it took to complete this.
"The iOwl"

Kaci was my very first ever walk-up tattoo at a show. I usually book myself out so i'm not nervous about not having anything to do. Glad i kept my sunday open or this lil guy would have never come to be.

Charles Long's Photography art show @ STUDIO EVOLVE TATTOO was the best time you've had in your life!!!!...............I know.....................I was there too!

Acrylic is what's happenin!

These are my FIRST acrylic paintings and i enjoyed it!!! always shyed away from this wonderful medium because of how fast it dries but now that's allowed me to crank out paintings faster than i get bored with em!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


in PINK...... in Old English........on a Lower Back.......on a DUDE!!!!!

Camaron Rocket!

Thank you Joe for an awesome idea to let me run with! be careful, you'll put your eye out.

Clash Of The Parasitic Owl!!!

He haz za parazite!!!


My first backpiece is now complete! it was fun! i kinda feel like my child grew up and went off to college! :*( try and find the bunny!


COCK BLOCK T-SHIRTS have arrived! $20. X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large and XX-Large!!! (X-Small, Small & Medium are American Apparel V-Necks!)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

"Deadpool Munny"



This is a word that seldom belongs on a white male, with no ass, in pink, in Old English...... on a lower back!!! giggled the entire 20 minutes!

"god damn circus!"

I love my crazy ass family!
Photography by

"Stay Straight"

This guy is determined not to stray from the straight edge path....... Let's watch and see, shall we?

"The Music Machine"

My First Robot!!!! All these damn "Power Buttons" led up to me getting into doing robots! I fuckin love robots! Finally gettin to have some fun with em. much much more to come.

"8 State Ka Pow!"

This piece is on an awesome client who sit's for 7-8 hour sittings and doesn't even flinch!!! She wanted to get something to represent what her husband does in the military (blows shit up!) and flowers of each state they've lived in since they got married. enjoy!

"Sir Thadius Jenkins"

Ben doing "Balling Critters" lately. Gas prices are way up but these animals have figured out a way to get rich off saving money on gas by finding new means of transportation.

"Ruff Life"

This is obviously a work in progres but i figured i'd share. It's my first shot "realism." Figure it'd be in my fomfort zone to go with a wide angle photo of this pup to make it a lil more interesting. Hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"Little Miss Hungry"

When she wants a cookie, she wants it now! Took "Tattoo of th Day" @ Tattoo Jam 2010 on Sunday. Thank you Sam S.


Yes, A Ramone/ Jack-a-lope!!! super fun piece! Thank you, Brim! you're a beast for sittin for this!


Had a blast on this one for this gentlman's daughter. haven't done graffiti in forever so, let me know what you think. Thanks

Photoshop Chestpiece.

She does graphic design. She loves photoshop, obviously. 10hrs on this one!

Sir Lucius MontGummery

Did this lil guy on good mate, Andy kelly @ Tattoo Jam 2010 in Doncaster, England!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sunday, June 27, 2010

TATTOO JAM 2010!!!!

UK, Here i come!!! Me and my good friend Timmy B. will be headed to the UK on the 5th of August to attend this very exciting event and we're not leaving til the 11th!!! Gonna be a blast!!!! Check out the websit!


Apparently this client tracked me down for 2 years to get this piece. We decided to name em BOB..... for no reason at all. Didn't wanna leave the nipple to take away from the piece so we used it as part of the piece. (totally not his choice.)
This was a fun piece. My client sits like a beast and is never late.... even though i usually am.