Sunday, November 28, 2010

18th Annual Richmond Tattoo Arts Festival.

"O.G. the Ant"

This was an interesting tattoo on an interesting fellow...tattooer from NY. My friday morning at the show consisted of me waking up @ 6am to pick Alex Metro up from the train station and get em back to the Koger Center where the convention is held. After a few smokes and tattoo talk, we parted ways to get rest and meet back up to start his calf tattoo in a few hours. End result,......took way longer than i originally thought and we missed the Tattoo of the Day contest, like i always do. Maybe i shoulda started at 6am, eh?


Frankenstien never knew what a good thing he had til it was gone. She's managed to hurt his stitched up wallet in court and he never get's to see his kids. tough break, homie. Thank you, Melissa Vunk for providing me with your calf to express myself and enduring the long torturous hours it took to complete this.
"The iOwl"

Kaci was my very first ever walk-up tattoo at a show. I usually book myself out so i'm not nervous about not having anything to do. Glad i kept my sunday open or this lil guy would have never come to be.

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