Saturday, September 18, 2010

"Deadpool Munny"



This is a word that seldom belongs on a white male, with no ass, in pink, in Old English...... on a lower back!!! giggled the entire 20 minutes!

"god damn circus!"

I love my crazy ass family!
Photography by

"Stay Straight"

This guy is determined not to stray from the straight edge path....... Let's watch and see, shall we?

"The Music Machine"

My First Robot!!!! All these damn "Power Buttons" led up to me getting into doing robots! I fuckin love robots! Finally gettin to have some fun with em. much much more to come.

"8 State Ka Pow!"

This piece is on an awesome client who sit's for 7-8 hour sittings and doesn't even flinch!!! She wanted to get something to represent what her husband does in the military (blows shit up!) and flowers of each state they've lived in since they got married. enjoy!

"Sir Thadius Jenkins"

Ben doing "Balling Critters" lately. Gas prices are way up but these animals have figured out a way to get rich off saving money on gas by finding new means of transportation.

"Ruff Life"

This is obviously a work in progres but i figured i'd share. It's my first shot "realism." Figure it'd be in my fomfort zone to go with a wide angle photo of this pup to make it a lil more interesting. Hope you enjoy.